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Beckfield College Business Students Continue to Wow – at a National Level!

June 30, 2014

Awesome job!  Hard work pays off!  Way to go gentleman!  Our hats are off to you!  There are so many ways to tell our students they have accomplished big things because of their hard work, dedication, and focus on success!  This is so true for our Phi Beta Lambda business fraternity members from Beckfield College’s […]

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Biz Students Rocking at National Business Competition

June 27, 2014

In April, Beckfield College happily shared the news of Phi Beta Lambda business organization members from the Florence, KY Campus who participated in a state competition and did so well they qualified for the National Competition.   That national competition has been taking place this week in Nashville, Tennessee. Who ended up competing? James Massengale & […]

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The Journey of Janice Brown: Transportation and Financial Struggles

June 22, 2014

Our journey with Janice continues.  Her life hasn’t been easy, but it’s how she is dealing with it these days that is getting her somewhere!  Now, we will dive into how Janice made it to school each day. Getting to and from school is something every student has to figure out, whether that commute takes […]

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