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4 Benefits of Becoming a Dental Assistant

By 2026, there will be approximately 64,000 new jobs available for dental assistants. This is an industry with extremely fast growth, with the opportunities to work flexible hours and learn on the job.

If you’re thinking about becoming a dental assistant, here are some of the top benefits of launching your new career:

1. Opportunities to Grow

Working as a dental assistant gives you the opportunity for professional and personal growth. You’ll usually learn on the job while earning your certificate. When you get to do hands-on learning, you can immediately use what you’re learning in the classroom in the real world.

You’ll work closely with a variety of people including dental hygienists, dentists, and orthodontists, who can help you learn and give you advice along the way.

2. Flexibility

Dental assistants are in high demand and are needed by general dentists, along with specialists like orthodontists, pedodontists, oral surgeons, and endodontists. Since dental offices are found everywhere, from small towns to large cities, you can work all over the country.

You can also create your own flexible schedule. Depending on your office, you may divide your time between two dental practices or even work part-time. This is one of the biggest benefits, especially for people with young children.

3. Working With People

If you like interacting with people, working as a dental assistant is a great career choice.

You’ll get to know both staff and clients, and you’ll also offer assurance and comfort to people who are nervous or scared about being in the dentist’s chair. Often, your friendly face will make a massive difference when it comes to someone’s experience at the dentist.

You’ll work in a clean environment, with the benefits of an office but without the limitations of a desk job. You’ll also work with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, meaning no two days will be the same.

4. Career Advancement

Dental assistants have an employment growth rate of 19%– faster than most professions. The aging population is expected to continue to increase the demand for dental services.

Not only do dental assistants have excellent job security, but they also have plenty of opportunities for career advancement.

There’s no doubt that you can have a lifelong career as a dental assistant. But you can also use it as a stepping stone for future opportunities. For example, after a few years working as a dental assistant, you can choose to do further training. You may want to become a hygienist which has an excellent annual income.

Considering Becoming a Dental Assistant?

If you like working with people and you’re looking for a job with excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth, becoming a dental assistant could be the right move for you.

This is a particularly great career if you’re looking for flexibility but may want to work more hours in the future (maybe once the kids are in school).

If you’d like to learn how you can become a dental assistant, get in touch today.

Posted on: February 19, 2018