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The Beckfield College nursing academic leadership and faculty are guided by the Beckfield College Nurse Organizational Framework, developed with QSEN (Quality & Safety Education for Nurses) as the foundation. This is a visual display of 10 core values that focuses on ensuring the application of competency-based theory to students, which translates into hands-on, focused, high quality patient-centered care in the field.

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The Beckfield College Department of Nursing is committed to the education of nursing students through the utilization of nursing’s core values.


The Beckfield College Department of Nursing prepares nurses to practice with safety, knowledge, compassion, and integrity while positively impacting the health care needs of diverse populations throughout their life spans.

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Nursing EducationCORE VALUES

  1. Student-Centered Learning Focus is on a student population, which is culturally, ethically, and socially diverse.
  2. Professionalism The accountable and responsible behavior of the nurse which incorporates legal and ethical principles and complies with standards of nursing practice.
  3. Safety The minimization of risk factors that could cause injury or harm while promoting quality care and maintaining a secure environment for patients, self, and others.
  4. Patient Centered Care The provision of caring, compassionate, culturally sensitive care based on a patient’s physiological, psychological, sociological, spiritual, and cultural needs, preferences, and values. Patients are defined as individuals and families.
  5. Patient Education The provision of health-related education to patients that facilitates their acquisition of new knowledge and skills, adoption of new behaviors, and modification of attitudes.
  6. Leadership The process by which nurses use a set of skills that directs and influences others in the provision of individualized, safe, and quality patient care. Leadership activities include delegation and supervision within the scope of practice.
  7. Teamwork and Collaboration The delivery of patient care, in partnership with multidisciplinary members of the health care team, to achieve continuity of care and positive patient outcomes.
  8. Informatics The use of information technology as a communication and information gathering tool that supports clinical decision making and scientifically based nursing practice.
  9. Quality Improvement The study of care related and organizational processes with the goal of developing and implementing a plan to improve health care services and better meet the needs of patients.
  10. Evidence Based Practice The use of current knowledge from research and other credible sources, upon which clinical judgment and patient care are based.


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