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Become a Skilled Massage Therapist at Beckfield College

Therapeutic massages performed by a skilled professional are complex, pleasurable wellness experiences that pamper all the senses, enabling clients to reach a deep state of relaxation, alleviate back pain and discomfort, and keep stress levels in check.

3 Fundamental Traits That All Great Massage Therapists Have in Common

Through the use of aromatherapy scents, massage oils, and soothing ambient music, massage therapists turn their sessions into much-needed moments of refreshment for the body, mind, and soul. In order to deliver the kind of results that their clients expect to achieve, great therapists should possess the following three fundamental qualities.

  1. Manual Dexterity. First and foremost, one must note that the best therapists take pride in above average manual dexterity, a trait that enables them to perform complex massage maneuvers for an extended period of time. Combined with great physical stamina, this quality gives therapists the opportunity to schedule multiple appointments each day. Experienced professionals in this field can stand, work with their hands for hours in a row, and handle the intense effort required for massage sessions without feeling physically drained.
  2. Great Interpersonal Skills. We can all agree that the most relaxing massage experiences revolve around a solid connection between clients and therapists, based on empathy, mutual trust, and respect. This is precisely why therapists should constantly cultivate their interpersonal skills, which make it easier for them to create positive rapport with clients during treatment, improve their overall performance, provide better customer service, and ultimately, build longer-lasting connections with their clientele.

Ideally, therapists should put their communication skills to good use to become acquainted with their clients’ health and wellness needs, problems, and goals, make them feel extremely comfortable, and explain the beneficial actions of the massage techniques that they’re relying on during their sessions.

  1. Perfectionism. Generally speaking, the most respectable massage therapists are the ones who are constantly striving to get the most from their education by investing time, money, and energy in ongoing training. While most schools provide basic training encompassing approximately 700 hours of practice and instruction, those who wish to exceed their own performance and take their skillset, training, and career goals one step further can enroll in new educational programs each year, to stay up to date with new profession-related requirements and trends and enhance the overall quality of their services. At the same time, by performing massages on a daily basis, novices can improve their stamina and dexterity, and perform their set of techniques in a more effective manner.

According to the numbers provided by the American Massage Therapy Association, 93% of massage therapists have benefitted from continuing education classes. Therefore, it’s safe to say that all professionals in this line of work should consider broadening their horizons and skillsets by opting for a program designed to encourage and support their personal and professional development.












Reshape Your Future with the Medical Massage Therapy Diploma Program at Beckfield College

The Medical Massage Therapy Diploma Program offered by Beckfield College in Cincinnati, is a great option worth considering for those seeking new employment opportunities in the field or simply striving to become a better massage therapist.

Beckfield College is ready to start its daytime or evening classes, so hurry up and enroll in a program designed to help you build or refine the personal, business, and social skills you need in order to achieve success as a massage therapist. For more information on our policies and educational opportunities, please visit our website or get in touch with one of our representatives at 800-486-1997.

Posted on: April 05, 2017