Beckfield College Tri-County Campus

Beckfield College Tri-County,OH Campus
225 Pictoria Drive, Suite 200 (2nd Floor)
Cincinnati, OH 45246
(513) 671-1920
(OH Reg 08-05-1857 T)

Beckfield College in Tri-County Cincinnati, OH has a campus that’s located off I-275 and the Route 4 exit in Springdale. This campus is located on the second floor of the Pictoria Towers, a professional building with a covered garage with free parking. This is located next to the Springdale 18 Cinema de Lux.

Google Map Link of our Tri-County Cincinnati, OH Campus



Academic Programs Offered (Programs Vary By Location):
- Allied Health
- Business & Technology
- Criminal Justice Studies
- Nursing
- Paralegal Studies

Campus Administration and Academic Leadership

Diane Wolfer
Diane Wolfer Mar 2012

President and CFO


Lee Foley
Lee Foley Feb 2013

Executive Director, Tri-County Cincinnati, OH

Lindsey Kovacs
TC - Admissions - LIndsey Kovacs - 2014-12-15 15.31.26-1

Director of Admissions

Dr Erica Okere
TC - Dr Erica Okere 2014-12-15 14.58.09-1

Career Services

Tina Schlimm
Tina Schlimm Feb 2013

Student Services Coordinator

Kelly Dugas
Kelly Dugas Feb 2013



Luther Bond
TC - Luther Bond 2014-12-15 15.04.25-1

Program Coordinator, Medical Massage Therapy

Frances Carroll
2014-12-15 15.02.51-1

Academic Dean

Marina Devar
Marina Davar Feb 2013

Dean, Dental Assisting

Jasmeial Jackson
Jasmeial Jackson Feb 2013

Dean, Business & Technology

Dr. Jayson Levine
TC - Jayson Levine 2014-12-15 14.57.05-1

Program Coordinator, Chiropractic Assisting

Michael Murphy
TC - Michael Murphy 2014-12-15 14.51.46-1

Program Coordinator, Personal Training

Holly Simpson
TC - Holly Simpson 2014-12-15 14.52.31-1

Program Coordinator, Paralegal Studies

Joyce Thompson
TC - Joyce Thompson 2014-12-15 14.53.08-1

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs - Allied Health

Scott Toney
TC - Scott Toney 2014-12-15 14.57.35-1

Associate Dean, Nursing

Keith Turner
TC - Keith Turner 2014-12-15 15.02.31-2

Program Coordinator, IT/C.N.A.

Stan Worthington
Stan Worthington Mar 2012

Dean, Criminal Justice