The Cincinnati Enquirer Highlights Beckfield College Nursing Student

Bevin Kirsch is a nursing student at Beckfield College.  At the age of 46, this Cincinnati resident is focused on launching nursing as her next career.  The Cincinnati Enquirer highlights her story in an article, “Nursing as second career,” as part of series of articles in special section, Nursing Now, published with the Sunday, May 10 edition in honor of National Nurses Week.

Bevin Kirsh Nursing Student April 2015

as published in The Cincinnati Enquirer/May 10, 2015

“At an age when most people are settling comfortably into mid-life, Bevin Kirsch decided to take on a challenge that many would find daunting – an entirely new career. She decided to go back to school to become a nurse.

Kirsch enrolled in Beckfield College and is working toward an associate degree in nursing. She is hoping to land a job in oncology when she graduates, something she developed an enthusiasm for while working as a phlebotomist collecting blood plasma for cancer patients in a previous job.”

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Posted on: May 12, 2015