Do our college students experience success?

(Left to right)  Dy'an Marinos, Beckfield College Graduate, and Diane Wolfer, Beckfield College President.

(Left to right) Dy’an Marinos, Beckfield College Graduate, and Diane Wolfer, Beckfield College President.

Do our graduates experience success?  Well, let me share a short story from our recent Beckfield College Community Block Party held at our campuses on September 6, 2014.

Newly enrolled students and their families, along with current students and their families, and members of our Greater Cincinnati community, were all enjoying the Block Party’s activities, including KONA Ice, the Dunk Tank, Bounce House, campus tours (I think a few people might be sore after having visited the personal training lab!), and pizza and hot dogs.  Mother Nature gifted us with a great day of weather.  I was mingling amongst everyone when one of our graduates came up to me.  Her name is Dy’an Lambert Marinos.

I first met Dy’an when she started in our Associate Degree program in January 2008.  Dy’an had lost her factory job to overseas.  She was in her early 40’s and looking at returning to school to focus on a passion, not just a job.   It took a lot of guts for her to make such a drastic change.  She always reminded us she wasn’t a spring chicken!

Well, from her start in 2008 to today in 2014, her life has drastically changed, and we at Beckfield College are privileged to have played a role.  She completed her Associate Degree in Criminal Justice in 2009 and then her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice in 2011, both from Beckfield College.  She has since completed her Master’s Degree at the University of Cincinnati and is currently in the Doctoral program at the University of Cincinnati to get her PhD in Counseling.  Wow – talk about growth!  Listen to it from her perspective:

“My experience at Beckfield was much more than I expected. As a displaced worker, I knew I needed to be retrained before re-entering the job market. My “skill set,” though perfect for work in the auto industry, was woefully inadequate for someone wanting to pursue new career opportunities. Academically, I got exactly what I expected from Beckfield College; an extensive education in my chosen field of Criminal Justice. What I wasn’t expecting was the personal growth I experienced while I was there.”

Dy’an has told me that her 4 years with Beckfield College enabled her to participate in the traditional education setting.  She needed a more intimate atmosphere for initial post-secondary college experience.  She needed to walk onto a campus where she was greeted with a smile at the front door and faculty and staff who knew her name.   She needed to know help was at every turn.

Now married, a homeowner, in her late 40’s and working on her doctorate, she stopped by our school to say hi and catch up.  Talk about student success – she was standing right in front of me!  Student success – that’s what we are truly interested in here at Beckfield College.  There is a reason there are different approaches in the higher education space, and we know our role very clearly.  We want to help those individuals who might feel uneasy about school or be incredibly focused.  We want to help those students who want to know their instructors and instructors know them.  We actively offer student and career services to ensure everyone has every chance possible to excel in school while dealing with outside challenges.

Just like we were able to do for Dy’an, we are willing to hold the hand of every student, support an individual’s goals with academic challenge and campus services at every turn, and then watch them fly with the tools they have earned. Every student at Beckfield College matters.  We view it as a partnership, each committed to seeing student success.  How awesome is that?

Diane Wolfer, President
Beckfield College

Posted on: September 23, 2014