FOX 19 News Cincinnati Visits Beckfield College to Discuss Firearm Training & Police Use of Judgment

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 – (Florence, Kentucky) Jessica Brown of FOX 19 Now’s morning newscast visited with the Beckfield College Criminal Justice Academic Leadership at the Florence, Kentucky Campus on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, from 5:00 – 8:30 a.m.  The visit was focused on the judgment skills police officers need when arriving at a scene; when do they shoot or not shoot?

Jessica Brown Fox 19 Firearms Training Beckfield CollegeOver the course of Jessica’s three hour visit, various scenarios were explored on one of the College’s two Firearm Training Simulators (FATS) to get a better perspective on what kind of situations police officers might find themselves, and the split second decision making that may be required of them based on an escalating situation.  The FATS system is used for training Beckfield College Criminal Justice students as a part of their Associate or Bachelor’s Degree program, in attainment of special firearms certifications, as well as ongoing training opportunities for area law enforcement agencies and citizen and community groups.

The following types of situations were reviewed and experienced through the FATS on live TV with Jessica Brown and FOX 19 Now News and Stan Worthington, Dean of Criminal Justice, Beckfield College:

  1. Scenario:  Police officer called to a situation on a bus where hostages were being held.  Stan Worthington served as the police officer for this scenario which ended up with all hostages being safe and the armed suspect fatally shot.
  2. Scenario:  Jessica Brown served as a police officer called to a high school where a student was holding fellow students hostage.  In this situation, Jessica was nervous to take action and the student armed with a knife ending up killing one of the hostages.
  3. Scenario: Stan Worthington served as a police officer in the same situation Jessica Brown participated in, but shot the armed student prior to him hurting any of the hostages.
  4. Scenario:  A man has a knife to a doctor in the office of a hospital.  Stan Worthington served as the police officer who arrived on scene and was able to verbally command the armed suspect to drop the knife and surrender.
  5. Scenario:  Stan Worthington served as a police officer called to a burglary in process at a home.  Upon the suspect seeing Stan, he fled.  Stan pursued on foot without a gun drawn since the suspect did not openly have a weapon.   While Stan continued to verbally provide commands to stop, the suspect did not heed the warnings.  At one point during the pursuit, visual on the suspect was lost so Stan drew his weapon.  He ended up having to shoot the suspect when turning a corner where the suspect had a weapon drawn.

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See the video coverage of the scenarios and Q&A with Jessica Brown of FOX 19 Now and Stan Worthington, Dean of Criminal Justice, Beckfield College. 

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Posted on: February 11, 2015