Medical Massage Therapy Career Opportunities Worth Pursuing

Medical massage therapy is a fantastic career choice for people who were born to help other people. Using their fingers, elbows, forearms, and palms, massage therapists rely on firm, yet gentle touches to manipulate their client’s muscles. Through their actions, they alleviate pain and discomfort, boosting circulation, relieving stress, and accelerating healing after an injury.

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What Do Medical Massage Therapists Actually Do?
In short, through their massage techniques, medical massage therapists can help their clients improve their general state of health, well-being, mood, and overall outlook on life. This rewarding profession involves a wide array of responsibilities, including a preliminary discussion with all clients regarding their medical history, symptoms, and desired results, a thorough evaluation, and the massage session itself. During the massage, the therapist will manipulate the patient’s soft tissue and offer advice on how to improve breathing and posture. Last but not least, specialists should monitor their clients’ condition and employ new massage techniques, if needed.

What Kind of Career Opportunities Should Soon-to-Be Massage Therapists Have in Mind?
Massage therapists have the opportunity to enroll in Medical Massage Therapy Diploma Programs like the one created by Beckfield College in Cincinnati. These programs offer candidates the chance to benefit from the theoretical and hands-on training they require to become reputable, skilled professionals in their line of work in as little as 12 months.


Programs tailored to their career goals enable students to specialize in several types of massage, including deep-tissue, Swedish, or sports massage. This wide range of options allows soon-to-be therapists to broaden their skillsets and horizons, and become the most suitable candidates for varied employment opportunities in different working environments.

According to the recent statistics made public by CollegeGrad, massage therapists held approximately 168,000 jobs in 2014. The same source indicates that half of these professionals were self-employed at that time. Nonetheless, as flexible and convenient as it may seem, freelancing is not the only career path that soon-to-be therapists should take into consideration.

Medical massage therapists can put their knowledge, stamina, and capabilities to good use in a great variety of settings, including private clinics, spas, fitness centers, hotels, and physician offices. While some of these professionals may decide to work from home, and turn their own environment into an oasis of relaxation for their clients, others may choose to travel to their clients’ offices or homes. Using pillows, sheets, a chair or table, oils, body lotions, candles, and soothing music, these professionals manage to recreate the perfect setting and ambiance for a healing, deeply relaxing massage anytime, anywhere.
The American Massage Therapy Association indicates that more than a few massage therapists supplement their income by embracing another profession. According to the AMTA, 11% of them perform other forms of bodywork; 9% work in other areas of healthcare; and 6% generate additional income by writing, lecturing, or teaching about massage therapy.

All these numbers indicate that becoming a medical massage therapist is a great first step toward unlocking an array of other amazing career opportunities worth considering. To lay the foundation of a successful career in this sector, consider enrolling in a medical massage therapy diploma program like the one created by Beckfield College in Cincinnati, and train to become a skilled massage therapist in only one year! For more information, please check out our disclosures page, or contact our representatives at 800-487-1997 today.

Posted on: April 13, 2017