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3 Tips for Acing Your Medical Assistant Exam

January 31, 2018

“I like taking exams”, said no one ever. The truth is many of us have experienced test anxiety at one point in our lives. Before you take your medical assistant exam, you should feel prepared and confident you’ll pass. In order to help you during this stressful time, we have 3 tips that will help […]

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5 Tips for Finding a Nursing Career After Graduation

January 29, 2018

Hitting the books in nursing school means getting the highest GPA you can muster and mastering the information. However, when graduation looms, it’s time to start exploring your nursing career options and strategies. This is a field that is wide-open when it comes to growth potential. If you’re looking into starting a career, use the […]

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5 Tips for Nursing School to Help You Succeed

January 24, 2018

Starting your nursing education is exciting but it can also be a stressful time for you and your loved ones. For many students, the path to becoming a nurse consists of four years of study and a passion for helping other people. But all of your dedication can be worth it, with a median salary […]

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Medical Assistant Responsibilities: What Do They Do?

January 22, 2018

Considering a career in healthcare is an exciting and gratifying venture. As more people are insured than ever, we need more experts in the field of medicine. We especially need adept medical assistants. Though many states don’t require a degree or diploma for assistant work, it’s still a very wise idea to get both. Receiving […]

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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Nursing School in Ohio

January 17, 2018

First of all, congratulations are in order! If you’re planning on going to school to become a nurse in Ohio, you’ve made a great decision. Not only is nursing a fulfilling and altruistic career choice, but the United States is also in desperate need for more nurses! Need some guidance in figuring out which nursing school […]

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5 Reasons to Attend Medical Assisting School in 2017

January 15, 2018

Having a career in the medical field is extremely rewarding work. Every day you get to help people. You play an important role in patient’s lives when they’re at their most vulnerable. But becoming a doctor or a nurse takes years of schooling. Many people don’t have the time or resources for that. That doesn’t […]

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How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make?

January 10, 2018

Medical assistants (or MAs for short) help out their fellow doctors and nurses by taking vital signs and communicating with patients. How much does a medical assistant make? Median pay is $31,540 yearly or $15.17 per hour. Wages do vary on the type of position and where it’s located. Read on to know where to make […]

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How to Get Medical Assistant Jobs in Cincinnati

January 08, 2018

Now you’ve become a certified medical assistant, you’ve overcome the first major hurdle. However, the next stage is getting your first job as a medical assistant. While it’s not always easy to find medical assistant jobs, don’t lose heart. There are many things that you can do to give yourself the best chance in the […]

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The Best Programs to Help You Become a Medical Assistant

January 04, 2018

Did you know that the number of medical assistants needed in the U.S. is expected to rise by 23% by the year 2024? This means that there will be amazing job opportunities waiting for those who are willing to study and obtain certification as a medical assistant. If you’re ready to make a career change, […]

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What to Expect With an Associates Degree in Nursing

January 03, 2018

If you’re looking to jumpstart your career, you’ve come to the right place. Getting an associates degree in nursing (ADN) will give you the knowledge you need to succeed. It will also give you the licenses and certifications required. Keep reading for what you should expect after graduating with your ADN. The Associates Degree in […]

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