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Why our Nursing programs?

1. Beckfield College’s nursing academic leadership and faculty are guided by the Nurse Organizational Framework, developed in 2014 by Beckfield College and approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing in late 2014, to ensure curriculum is responsive to, and in touch with, the nursing industry’s evolution in the field and the changes in healthcare in the country.

2. There is no wait list for nursing classes or clinicals.

Beckfield's Nursing Program

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3. Beckfield College has industry current equipment:

  • The Sim-Man® Essentials by Laerdal and Noelle® Birthing Simulator with Baby by Gaumard patients simulators represent the closest facsimile of real patients, and allows students to practice repetitive “hands-on” learning in a safe environment where mistakes can be made and safely corrected
  • Nursing Labs – Nursing Skills Lab, Patient Simulator Lab, Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab

Check out how we utilize our patient simulators in the education process:

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