Beckfield College’s campus-based nursing programs have patient simulators – a real bonus for our nursing students!

Providing this new innovative educational strategy enhances  nursing students’ abilities to bridge the theoretical information to the deliverance of safe and quality patient care.  The SimMan® and Noelle® simulators represent the closest facsimile of real patients, and allow students to practice repetitive “hands-on” learning in a safe environment where mistakes can be made and safely corrected.  With simulation, nursing students gain experience and confidence in their abilities to make critical clinical decisions in different medical situations.  They can practice on critical situations that may not present itself in the traditional clinical training, but as new graduates may face on the first day of their employment in the clinical environment.

See nursing students learning through hands-on use of a patient simulator with  Eric Marsh, Associate Dean of Nursing, and Kim Carpenter, Simulation Specialist, leading the class.


There’s nothing like seeing a baby born, right?  Especially from a nurse’s perspective!  That’s exactly what nursing students at Beckfield College experienced during a simulation of a baby’s birth during class.  (May 2015)

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Beckfield College Nursing students in NUR200 Mental Health Nursing worked on a classroom assignment given to them by their instructor Nancy Conrad. The assignment was to draw the different sections of the brain on the shower cap and describe healthcare issues that could affect each area of the brain and the nursing interventions required to provide quality nursing care.

PRETTY COOL – RIGHT? (All students gave permission for their photo to be utilized.)
Assignment – July 11, 2014 at the Beckfield College Florence, KY Campus

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