Bernadette Wagner

Head Shot of Bernadette Wagner

First-time online graduate Bernadette Wagner was touched when she moved her tassel from right to left after being conferred with her online formatted Associate Degree in Health Information Technology.

Bernadette Wagner had always been a hard worker, focused on completing whatever she started, and working on her degree was no different.

“I remember having to be in front of the computer screen all night,” said Wagner, acknowledging while the online format was more convenient with her schedule over an on-campus class experience, the new format was just as challenging.  The full impact of being the very first student to graduate from the online program at Beckfield College is something that will grow as more students graduate through the program and Wagner confessed, “It’s a lot to take in.”

Bernadette participated in the online delivery of academics due to her busy life schedule.  She was working 10 hours days and has a young son, so time needed to be flexible for college.   She had office experience and home health care experience prior to beginning her studies.  She chose Health Information Technology as her field of study because of the ability to combine her existing experience with an in-demand profession within the health care industry.

“It was two long years, but I’m seeing the benefit already,” described Wagner.  She had multiple job offers since completing her course work in March 2014.  “What really sticks out to me is my advisor from Beckfield College.  She kept me motivated during the challenges!”

Just four days after her graduation Bernadette started her new job at The Consult Inc.  This local firm provides business related services to thousands of providers and healthcare organizations nationwide.  This all became possible with the help of her degree at Beckfield College.

In a personal note to Career Services staff at Beckfield College, Bernadette noted,” You’ve helped me reach my goal.  I’m very grateful for it!”

Beckfield College couldn’t be more proud of Bernadette and all of our graduates.