Dy’an Marinos


After seeing a family member fall victim to crime years ago, Dy’an Lambert became fascinated by the criminal justice system, inspiring her to learn more.  Marinos had lost her job after more than twenty years in the auto industry and began the Criminal Justice program at Beckfield College.

“Losing my job after almost 23 years was one of the most frightening experiences of my life,” explained Dy’an.  “What could have been a nightmare for me has turned into a blessing. I am, indeed, thankful that I lost my job. Now, instead of doing what I HAVE to do, I’ll be doing what I WANT to do for the first time in my life.”

Hear what Dy’an has to say about her experiences at Beckfield!

Her Success Ladder

  • Started classes at Beckfield College in Criminal Justice, January 2008
  • Received Associate of Applied Science/Criminal Justice from Beckfield College, December 2009
  • Received Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, September 2011 from Beckfield College and participating in 2012 Spring Commencement Ceremony on April 28, 2012
  • In summer 2011, Dy’an worked in Youth Leadership Development at the Brighton Center, but was promoted in March 2012 to a full time Resource Advocate.
  • Winter 2012 Dy’an was accepted into the University of Cincinnati’s Master’s degree program in Mental Health Counseling and began classes in the fall 2012.
  • Currently attending the University of Cincinnati full-time.

“My experience at Beckfield was much more than I expected. As a displaced worker, I knew I needed to be retrained before re-entering the job market. My “skill set,” though perfect for work in the auto industry, was woefully inadequate for someone wanting to pursue new career opportunities. Academically, I got exactly what I expected from Beckfield College; an extensive education in my chosen field of Criminal Justice. What I wasn’t expecting was the personal growth I experienced while I was there.

After four years at Beckfield, I am more confident and inquisitive than ever before. I question everything and look for the cause of every problem rather than merely reacting to the symptoms. Now, I take time to consider things from every angle before forming an opinion. I tackle dilemmas in ways I never had before I came to Beckfield. Beckfield professors often remark that one should “never stop growing and learning” and that we should always remain open to change and the opinions of others. That’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten.”

Her personal experience at Beckfield College

“I would encourage anyone interested in the field of Criminal Justice to look at Beckfield College.  However, I would recommend looking at “big box” colleges and universities FIRST. Only then can one truly appreciate the difference between Beckfield and the rest. This is how I discovered the school. I toured other schools before visiting Beckfield’s Florence campus. By the time I was greeted by Mrs. Riley at the front desk and sat down to speak with Kathy Bender in Admissions, I was (literally) thanking God for Beckfield! This was the first place where the person at the front desk actually looked up, smiled and greeted me.”