Shawna Raines – Ready for the Journey of a Lifetime?

There’s nothing easy about making a change and going back to college.  As Shawna Raines, 2015 Beckfield College graduate explains, it is a journey . . . and one that changes you for the better!

“Someone told me that furthering my education was not a sprint but a marathon. I have to disagree with that statement. It is a journey. A journey to open your mind to a much bigger world filled with possibilities and opportunities. A wonderful, tiresome, and often difficult journey that I am incredibly proud to say I have made with Beckfield. I have finished this journey not only because of the commitment I made to my education, but because of Beckfield’s commitment to its students. 

Shawna graduated with her Bachelor’s degree, all while working and maintaining her role as a single mother of  two children.

“For me, the journey was about more than just a degree. It was about learning and growing. Not only was the journey about learning the topics in the text books, but it was also about learning how to become my better self.”

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