Welcome to Beckfield College. We are dedicated to providing a quality education in a friendly atmosphere with individual attention to the needs of our students. You will find that we have an outstanding faculty qualified by professional preparation and experience. They are dedicated to creating a meaningful and structured environment that can lead to successful learning. They are dedicated to your success!

At Beckfield, we believe in designing the college around our students’ needs, not in molding the student to the system, to create a student-centered learning environment. This is why we have two convenient on-ground campus locations – one in Cincinnati, Ohio and one in Florence, Kentucky and online. We strive to provide hands-on learning opportunities that encourage students to become immersed in and responsible for their educational process, with assistance from staff and faculty. We believe in providing an environment rich in opportunity, encouragement, and methods that allows students to become successful, responsible learners today and competent, accountable leaders of tomorrow.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence through effectiveness, innovation and accountability. Please help us achieve excellence by coming to Beckfield with a dedication and commitment for serious learning which will enable you to reap the maximum benefits from your experience here. We also invite you to become involved in Beckfield. This will enrich your learning and make the College a better place because you have been here.





College President

Diane Wolfer Mar 2012

Diane Wolfer
College President