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It’s all about YOU!

Whether you are located in Kentucky or Ohio (or neither of those states), Beckfield College offers online college programs and career training in nursing, business, criminal justice and allied health for your convenience.

Beckfield College’s online college programs combine the best aspects of a small campus environment with online convenience. Expand your opportunities beyond the classroom. Think, research, study and make your contribution when your time allows and at a location of your preference with all of the help you may need – technically or academically.

There are many online college programs and options available to you. What makes Beckfield College different?

  • We first get to know you and your goals!
  • We help you understand the technology and overcome any fear you might have about online education.
  • For nearly thirty years we have been offering a personal approach to learning – we have mirrored this on-campus approach to our online delivery.
  • Online Student Adviser will be communicating with you regularly, ensuring you are getting the most of your education.
  • Student Follow Up – You won’t fall through the cracks at Beckfield College Online.  We reach out to you. We follow up if your attendance or performance or other indicators show you might need extra help. We are there every step of the way!

Beckfield College offers these programs online.

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