What’s in a Name? Everything if you want to launch your career with the right job in Medical Billing & Coding!

Beckfield College is excited to announce a program name change that has taken place.  Our curriculum for our Associate of Applied Science:  Health Information Technology is very strong, providing students with an advanced understanding of medical billing, medical coding, hospital coding, and medical records auditing and so much more.  It’s an in-depth dive into the world of healthcare medical billing and coding and the administration of both, all of which has been evolving in-field and our curriculum has evolved with it.  The strength of this program even prepares graduates to sit for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) examination through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).  However, Health Information Technology as a program name isn’t necessarily reflective of the coursework and employers are looking to fill positions like Medical Biller, Medical Records Associate, Insurance Analyst, Managed Care Analyst, and more.

Beckfield College is committed to ensuring our students are successful from the very start of their time with us, from the classroom through to Commencement and then launching that career.   Just as every industry evolves, and we’ve seen so much of it in the healthcare industry, so too should our programs, or sometimes it’s something as simple as a name change.  With this in mind, Beckfield College is excited to announce the change of our Associate of Applied Science:  Health Information Technology to Associate of Applied Science:  Medical Billing & Coding Administration.

The new name better reflects the aggressive and advanced studies associated with the program and reflective of the industry needs.  The new name will be more recognizable and relevant to the positions in constant need of being filled.  This high level training is crucial to the increasing complexity of coding which in turn escalates the need in the field.  Translation:  great job opportunity for those with the skills!

Those in the industry are familiar with the acronym ICD-10-CM.  Simply put, ICD stands for the International Classification of Diseases, and its codes hold critical information about epidemiology, managing health, and treating conditions.  ICD-10 is an updated version of a very comprehensive set of diagnostic and insurance billing codes .  See the FAQ from the AAFP about ICD-10.  Good, detailed and advanced coders will be needed in the field for successful execution of ICD-10, which currently has an implementation deadline of October 2015. Beckfield College offers educational opportunities specific to ICD-10 for students already.

As a part of this change in our Allied Health Department, we have also updated our name for our Diploma:  Medical Office Technology to Diploma:  Medical Office Assistant.

Sometimes it’s time for a change.  At Beckfield College, this name change is all about our students’ success!  There really is a lot in just a name!


Posted on: January 12, 2015