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Massage Therapy School

5 Things to Know When Considering Massage Therapy School

Are you looking for a rewarding career where you could help others feel better by relieving their stress and reducing pain? More and more doctors are recommending massage as a treatment for pain and wellness. Massage therapists are trained in various massage techniques that help with different physical issues. Choosing this career path could give you a practical way to serve your community and build a career you enjoy.

But how do you know if enrolling in a massage therapy school is right for you? Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a massage therapy school.

Take the first step in your career journey today!

#1 Educational Requirements

If you are considering a career in massage therapy, the first question you may have is, what does it take to become certified in massage therapy. Though requirements vary by state, it is not uncommon for aspiring massage therapists to complete a postsecondary education program of 500 hours and or more, depending on where you live.* Taking massage therapy classes teaches you the various modalities and techniques with hands-on experience, knowledge about anatomy and physiology, health and safety best practices, and how to greet and re-book clients.

Many states require massage therapists to become licensed or certified before they can provide massage services. * Finding the right massage therapy training program that meets your state regulations could help you prepare for certification and your new career.

#2 Career Advantages

Your next question when considering a career in massage therapy may be, ‘is massage therapy school worth it?’ According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of massage therapists is projected to grow 21% from 2019 to 2029. That is much faster than the average for all occupations. You can also use your massage therapy skills to work in a wide range of settings, from salons and spas to chiropractor offices and even in hospitals, making it an exciting career for a wide range of people with varying goals and aspirations.

So, to answer your question, “is massage therapy school worth it?” The answer is yes! This career path allows you to help others feel better in a field that has a positive job outlook in a variety of settings.

 #3 Massage Specializations

Before taking massage therapy classes, it may be wise to consider the type of massage therapist you would like to become. Knowing your specialization could help you focus your educational efforts and reach your career goals. Think about it! Is there a specific type of massage you are more passionate about? Which techniques do you see yourself mastering in massage therapy classes? If you are unsure and wonder what the different types of massage therapy are, here are just a few to consider:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hot Stone Massage

Each of these techniques serves a different purpose and could help your patients in different ways. Whether you decide you want to specialize in a specific area or you want to do it all, learning what are the different types of massage therapy and how to do them could help streamline your educational experience.

 #4 Physical Strength and Demands

Another very important consideration to this career field is the physical strength and demands of being a massage therapist. Being a massage therapist requires stamina in order to stand on your feet for long periods of time and constantly working with your hands, arms and joints. If you are strong and physically resilient, taking massage therapy classes could be the right path for you! If you’re not as strong as you would like, a massage therapy training program could teach you the proper techniques to help strengthen and condition your body to help you be successful in this career.

 #5 Which massage therapy training program is right for you

As you look for the right massage therapy training program there are some important questions you should ask:

  • Does the program fit my schedule and budget?
  • What is the course load, and how long will training take?
  • Will the school allow me to focus on a specific type of massage therapy?

Your massage therapy training program should also give you hands-on learning opportunities under the guidance of experienced massage therapists.

If your desire is to become licensed, make sure the program provides you with a diploma or certificate to qualify you for the job.

Enroll in Massage Therapy classes today at Beckfield College

If you are ready to pursue a career in medical massage therapy, consider Beckfield College! Our 12-month medical massage therapy program could help you attain your goals and prepare for a massage therapy career.

Through Beckfield College, you could specialize in the techniques you love and learn from experienced massage therapists. Our massage therapy classes could give you the skills you need to assist clients and build a beautiful career!

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