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4 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Nurses

A female nurse is tending to an elderly patient

Top 4 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Nurses

Any mom knows that motherhood is a full-time job. There are no days off, no breaks, and no pay – other than the incredible bond with your child and watching them grow up, of course.

But, there are certain skills of being a mom that translate perfectly into some lines of work. Moms make good teachers, great nurses, and amazing cooks, both at home and in these professional roles.

If becoming a nurse has caught your interest, you may be more prepared for it than you think. Here are four amazing qualities that moms learn hands-on, which are needed to be a great nurse.

1. Communication

Whether you’re teaching a toddler how to speak in complete sentences or checking in with your high schooler, you know a thing or two about communicating well with their children. It’s the only way you can make sure everyone is on the same page and in good shape.

Communication is how you keep your children safe, show them love, teach them something, and discipline them when needed. In each scenario, there’s a certain set of vocabulary and tone of voice you use to get your point across.

Similarly, great nurses have their own set of vocal variations. You have to be very conscious of your speaking when relaying hard information, when communicating in time-sensitive situations, and when dealing with patients who don’t want to cooperate.

2. Quick Critical Thinking

Speaking of time-sensitive cases, one thing you’ll definitely need as a nurse is the ability to critical think quickly. Thankfully, you’ve had plenty of practice with this as a mom.

You know, like when your kid pulls an uh-oh on a long car ride or in a public area. Or, maybe when something comes up, and you have to come up with a new way of getting your child to practice or picking them up.

These are just a few examples of when children make mothers learn how to be flexible. In scrubs, such situations make nurses resourceful and brilliant.

3. Patience

Another quality that comes with motherhood is patience.

This is something great nurses have plenty of. You have to be patient when working with a patient who is in a large amount of pain, or when there are family members of patients and even coworkers complaining. You also have to be patient with yourself.

The use of this skill with others and in self-care becomes natural over time as a mom. When you become a nurse, patience makes your days easier to manage and your efforts more effective, too.

4. Sacrifice

No matter what kind of day a nurse is having, she’s sure to make plenty of sacrifices. Sounds a bit like a mother, doesn’t it?

Nurses work long hours on their feet, focusing on patient needs while their own lives have things going on. They see the good the bad and the ugly of hospital life, and most of the time, they do this all with a smile on their face.

Great Education for Great Nurses

Being a good mom makes you prepared to become a nurse. But, it’s your education that fine-tunes these skills and makes you the best nurse possible.

At Beckfield, we make this education more accessible, no matter what your motherhood duties are.

Beckfield College is now enrolling nursing students in the surrounding areas of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky!

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