Shawna Raines


Someone told me that furthering my education was not a sprint but a marathon. I have to disagree with that statement. It is a journey. A journey to open your mind to a much bigger world filled with possibilities and opportunities. A wonderful, tiresome, and often difficult journey that I am incredibly proud to say I have made with Beckfield. I have finished this journey not only because of the commitment I made to my education, but because of Beckfield’s commitment to its students.

For me, the journey was about more than just a degree. It was about learning and growing. Not only was the journey about learning the topics in the text books, but it was also about learning how to become my better self.

Kristi Hilbert, RN, BSN, DON

Cum Laude 2013-RN, Cum Laude 2015-BSN

I began my nursing career in January 1998 as a nursing assistant in long term care. Then in December of 2000, I graduated from LPN school. I worked for 11 years in long term care as a LPN before going back for my RN.

I chose Beckfield for my Associate’s Program because of the curriculum that they offered. I would take nursing classes starting Quarter 1 and would incorporate my general studies into the program while taking these nursing courses. I knew that I wanted to be a Director of Nursing and needed my RN for this. Upon completion of my Associate’s Degree, and obtaining my RN Licensure, I felt completely prepared for a leadership role within my organization. The clinical skills experience offered to me by Beckfield, gave me the confidence to approach situations with greater ease. The higher thought processes are a norm at Beckfield. The instructor’s teach you how to “think” while considering the entire clinical picture as well as the ability to anticipate and advocate for the patient.

The focus on leadership and the RN’s role in this critical area of nursing, is one of Beckfield’s strongest attributes, in my opinion. I feel like some nursing programs (at least from my LPN experience) teach nurses to “be a nurse”, but at Beckfield, we were taught how to be a “nursing leader”. The knowledge, resources and network connections that have been afforded to me from Beckfield are unmatched. Beckfield has a reputation for preparing excellent, competent nurses and this is an accurate perception. I feel very blessed to be a Beckfield Graduate, from not only the RN Program, but also from their BSN Program!

I recommend Beckfield College’s Nursing Program to anyone who is committed to furthering their education in one of the most selfless and rewarding career choices in the world.