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9 Ways to be a Better Student | Part 2

A photo of a group of nursing students working together, with the text "9 ways to Become a Better Student and Get Ahead in Nursing" overlaid in a friendly and inviting font. Part 2.

Why be a better student?

If you had a ticket to a lifetime of a fulfilling, interesting and challenging career, what would you do with it?

Well, guess what! You are the creator of your own ticket! Right now, you are deciding what to do with it. Whether you are someone who loves school and naturally excels in a classroom setting, or you are someone who finds school less than appealing, it is important that you treat your educational “ticket” with care, respect, and diligence. With the right attention, it just might set you up for the rest of your life.

Odds are, you do not need us to convince you how important school is. You already know it and that is why you are here. For many people school can feel like a frustrating and out-of-control experience. We hear students say things like, “I’m just not good at school” or “I just don’t get this.” Do NOT fall into the trap of believing that your potential is limited in this way. If you are feeling frustrated with school, it might be because you have not been taught the strategies and study skills to set you up for success.

These skills are so important, whether you are in school or not, because many of them will play a role in your life outside of school. Most importantly, these skills can be taught generationally. If you can master being a student, you can teach your family and children how to be great students too.

Are you on board yet? Here’s a summary of what we’ve discussed so far:

Reasons to Prioritize Becoming a Better Student

  1. Earn a career I find fulfilling
  2. Reduce stress associated with being in school
  3. Learn skills I will use my whole life
  4. Learn skills I can teach to my family and children, so they do not have to find school overwhelming.

*Shameless Plug Alert! Summarizing information from dense passages is a terrific way to retain information and make reviewing your notes easier! If you forget what those two paragraphs described, no need to re-read them, read the summary!


Becoming a Better Student

To understand how to crack the code of learning in a classroom environment, we’ll need to develop some broad skills and some more specific ones. We will begin by understanding the broad stroke skills. These are categories of important skills like

perspective, time management, and organization. However, it is important that we dive into specific skills, so you understand exactly how to revolutionize your student experience. These are active learning skills like note taking, in-class habits, and reading skills.

Today we are discussing topic #2 Organization.

  1. Perspective
    a. Find purpose
    b. Activate curiosity, on purpose
    c. Own your education
  2. Organization
    a. Get the tools that you need: supplies, books, etc.
    b. Keep track of your assignments
    c. Managing self-care
  3. Time-management
    a. Prioritize your priorities
    b. Create a schedule
    c. Be adaptive

*Shameless Plug Alert! Reading an outline ahead of reading material can help your mind to prepare to absorb material. In other words, if your brain knows what to expect before digesting content, it’ll understand it sooner and better. If you are not provided with outlines, no worries! Get the same effect by skimming a textbook chapter or passage before fully reading it.


Organization is a crucial skill for career students. It’s like having a toolbox filled with the right tools to help you succeed. First, getting the tools you need means having your textbooks, notebooks, and supplies ready, so you’re prepared for class. Next, keeping track of your assignments is like having a map for your journey. Use a planner or digital calendar to note due dates and important tasks, so you never miss a beat. Lastly, managing self-care is like taking care of yourself so you can perform at your best. Make sure to schedule breaks, get enough sleep, and eat well. When you’re organized, you’ll find it easier to focus on your studies and reach your career goals.

Get The Tools That You Need

Getting the tools you need is a crucial step in staying organized as a career student. Think of it as laying the foundation for your success. It means having all the necessary materials ready before you begin your schoolwork. This includes textbooks, notebooks, pens, and any other supplies required for your classes. Before you start your day, make sure your backpack is packed with everything you’ll need. Being prepared in this way

saves you from the stress of scrambling to find things when you’re in the middle of your assignments or during class. It also helps you concentrate better on your studies because you won’t be constantly searching for missing items. So, remember to gather your tools as you dive into your educational journey.

Keep Track of Your Assignments

Keeping track of your assignments is like having a roadmap to guide you through your academic journey. It means having a system in place to record all your homework, projects, and deadlines. A great way to do this is by using a planner or a digital calendar. When you receive an assignment or learn about an upcoming test, jot it down with its due date. This way, you can visually see what’s ahead and plan your time accordingly. Regularly checking your assignment list ensures that nothing slips through the cracks, helping you to complete tasks on time and reduce the stress of last-minute rushes. It’s a bit like being the captain of your own ship, charting a course for success by staying organized and on top of your responsibilities.

Manage Self-Care

Managing self-care is a vital part of staying organized as a career student. Just like a car needs regular maintenance to run smoothly, you need to take care of yourself to perform at your best. This means scheduling breaks during your study sessions, so you don’t burn out. It means getting enough sleep at night to recharge your energy for the challenges of the day. Eating nutritious meals and staying hydrated are also part of this self-care toolkit, as they provide the fuel your body and mind need to excel. Additionally, don’t forget to make time for activities you enjoy, like hobbies and spending time with loved ones. When you prioritize self-care, you’re better equipped to handle the demands of your studies and maintain a healthy balance in your life. It’s like giving yourself the care and attention you need to shine brightly in all your endeavors.

Do you want to read about more strategies to own your education? Check out 10 Ways to Take Control of Your Own Studies (Even While You’re Still at School).


This is where we part ways, for now. You are now armed with everything you need to improve your organization and make learning a less stressful experience. If you need some reading material in the meantime, check out the related blog How to Be Successful in Nursing School where Dean of Nursing, Dr. Smith-Clay, shared her tips for success as a student.

This stuff only works if you practice it. Go! Practice for a while and stay tuned for Part 3: Time-Management. In the meantime, get the tools you need, start tracking your assignments, and create a self-care plan. We believe in you.


– Beckfield College