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Nursing School

Success in Nursing SchoolNursing School in Cincinnati

If you are considering a nursing school or already enrolled, you may be wondering what it takes to be successful. The traits of an excellent nurse include compassion, detail orientation, organization, and hard work. These traits are key, but can you develop the study skills you need to make it into nursing? Yes! Nursing school is notoriously challenging, but if you are willing to work hard, adapt to change, and learn new things, it is far from impossible. 

How To Be Successful in Nursing School

To get top-notch insight on how to succeed in nursing school, we interviewed Beckfield College Dean of Nursing, Dr. Deborah Smith-Clay. Dr. Smith-Clay is responsible for creating, developing, and reviewing nursing programs. She maintains the program’s accreditations, coordinates clinicals, and does faculty development and student development. Almost needless to say, Dr. Smith-Clay’s work with both students and faculty gives her unique and privileged insight into how students can be successful in nursing school.

What does it take to be a successful nursing student? 

Well, according to Dr. Smith-Clay, you can’t be a good student if you aren’t a present student. The best students attend class regularly, and they are actively learning while they are there. What do we mean by active learning? Students pay attention to the lecture, take notes, read ahead of and after class, and study so they retain the information. Dr. Smith-Clay says, “Students must have good attendance, listen intently, read and study assigned resources, remediate, attend instructor review sessions, understand the topics, retain the information, and correctly apply the knowledge, and dedicate daily study time.” For more study tips from actual nursing students, check out this post from

What type of people successfully complete nursing school? 

Dr. Smith-Clay breaks it down into four key student qualities:

1) students who take the time to learn and understand the topics presented in classes,

2) students who complete their academic coursework with integrity,

3) students who are willing to put in hard work, 

4) compassionate students who feel called to help others. 

What are nursing students’ greatest challenges in nursing school?

Dr. Smith-Clay explained that the top challenge for Nursing Students is having “the ability to juggle several life stressors at one time with the main focus on one’s education of becoming a nurse.” If you want to overcome this challenge, Dr. Smith-Clay has some advice. She recommends developing time-management skills, developing a plan, and developing the discipline to stick to the plan. She also recommends that students “develop and participate in study groups. They should reach out for assistance from their instructors and deans [for help].”

In what ways does Beckfield College provide nursing students with the tools they need to be successful?

“At Beckfield, we offer several resources to assist students in their success. Laura Laws [Adcademic Coach and Learning Assistance Center Coordinnator] helps with time management, setting up a schedule, and ways to improve one’s studying. Tanya Townsend, our Librarian and Adjunct English Instructor, assists with writing skills. Nursing faculty provide review sessions. ATI resources are plentiful and assist students in their success of passing their NCLEX.”

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Beckfield College is now enrolling nursing students in the surrounding areas of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky!

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