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The Journey of Janice Brown: Lessons Learned in Time Management


Our Journey with Janice continues. The first two posts set the stage for where Janice began her journey of change. Today’s post reveals one of the biggest lessons she has learned, continues to develop, and attributes to her ability to remain on task with her education and her life.

With over 30 years between good and consistent educational experiences, Janice recalls the learning process she went through when it came to doing homework and the time management involved. Staying on top of things and managing her time came to a simple goal: Stay Focused.

Janice initiated and continues to use this regiment: Set the plan and be consistent! She found that when you’re setting a certain amount of time to work on schoolwork each week, planning it out at the same time and even the same place to do the work was what worked best for her.

“I would have class during the day and homework each night,” detailed Janice.

Joyce Thompson, Dean of Allied Health at the Tri-County Cincinnati, OH Campus, assisted Janice in developing the skills and watching her grow into them.

“You would see her on campus even if she didn’t have a class (working on homework,)” said Thompson, who also taught Janice in a couple of classes.

Thompson recalls meeting with Janice not long after she began her studies at Beckfield College and helping her decide what would be the best course of action regarding time management. Again, consistency was what Thompson thought worked best too.

There was also one thing she specifically remembers from conversations with Janice, which Thompson believes has made all the difference.

“She wanted to be here in school,” recalls Thompson as she reminisces on how far Janice has come. “You’re there (in school) to learn. Many students are picking up life lessons like this and it has shaped her.”

Thompson described how very proud she is of Janice and her accomplishments in school and that Janice should be very proud of herself.

Tina Schlimm, Student Service Coordinator at Beckfield College, spends a lot of time with Janice and knows she wants to succeed this round. Remember, this isn’t her first try at higher education, but she’s focused on making it the one that works!

“Janice has a strong commitment to her education. She has overcome so much. She was able to move past obstacles in her life and not let it hold her down,” described Schlimm.

Through all of Janice’s life experiences and her time at Beckfield College in the Medical Assisting program, Schlimm is proud to say that the College has been there with her every step of the way.

“We are focused on helping our students holistically which better enables them to succeed. We have helped Janice gain her confidence back; she always had it, but we helped her find it again,” said Schlimm. “We support all of our students with their individual needs as they progress through their program headed for a new career.”

Janice is just weeks away from completing her program. She has been participating in an externship, which she has successfully completed. These are huge steps in a journey through education that has progressed further and more successfully than her previous tries. Not only has her newly honed skill of time management helped her get this far in school, but it will be a skill she uses in every aspect of her life.

Pretty cool, right? Stay tuned . . . more coming . . .