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Kids are back in school! Are you ready to get back to the college classroom?

School is back in session!  That’s right, buses are picking up children to get them safely to their elementary or middle schools, Staples® has been busy selling every school supply necessary, and routines are getting back in place after a summer of chaos!   We have to be honest – kids heading back to school can be cause for celebration – just check out this hilarious video from The Holderness Family about their kids heading back to school.  Baby Got Class! A back to school parody

All kidding aside, school is most definitely for everyone!  With kids back in school, it’s time for all of us to think about what our next step in life might be.

Dead end jobs don’t serve every need forever.  Careers in today’s evolving business world change.   What drove our commitment and energy years ago might be pushed by a different passion today.  Is our tool kit full?  Do we need to add anything to it?

Education isn’t just for the kids, it’s for all of us!  It can help generate a fulfilling career, but it can also build confidence, open your mind to new ideas, and network with other people with different thoughts and interests.  What better way to set an example for your children than to have them see you set education as a priority too!  So, now you are ready to go back to school and be a role model for your children.    What’s next?

STEP 1:  Identify your interest.  The biggest challenge can be figuring out what that next step should be!  For some, they know they want to be a nurse or a police officer or a teacher.  For others, identifying that career path is a great challenge.  There are many tools to help you with this frustration.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  So, capitalizing on your strengths is the first step.

There are different assessments available to help match your strengths with career options.  At Beckfield College, we utilize a simple online career assessment that can take about 20 minutes to complete and matches an individual’s strengths with specific career paths.  Click here if you want to check this one out or Google many other alternatives.  Anything that can help you identify fields of interest for you is a great thing!

STEP 2:  Identify the school that fits you best.  So, you’ve figured out what you want to do and you know you need to go back to school.  What do you do next?  You find the school that best serves your needs.  According to a study performed by Public Agenda with support from the Kresge Foundation in November 2013, prospective students looking to head back to college are most interested in schools that will help with jobs upon completion, provide hands-on help with the financial aid process, have instructors with experience in the work force, offer internship or in-field learning opportunities, and so much more.  Do you want a campus-based learning or is online better, or a combination of both.  Ask these and more questions as you shop around for the college that best offers your program of interest and works with your needs.

STEP 3:  Commit to the hard work it will take and keep your eye on the prize!  Going back to school is no easy task for the non-traditional or adult student, but the rewards are numerous and, not to be a clichéd master card commercial, priceless!  Check out some success stories to inspire you!  YOU can do it!

What step are you on right now?  Are you ready for Fall?

Diane Wolfer, President

Beckfield College