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Opt for an Accredited RN-BSN Program for LPN’s at Beckfield College

These days, more and more nurses feel the need to broaden their horizons, boost their expertise, and expand their skill sets by getting their Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree. Their desire to improve their personal and professional lives through this educational opportunity can also be correlated with recent industry trends.

RN-BSN Programs Are Extremely Popular Today

A report issued by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) calls for 80% of RNs to get their BSN degree by 2020. Once followed by a significant number of nurses, this trend would automatically lead to considerable improvements in healthcare. A higher number of nurses with a well-rounded education would facilitate access to premium medical services, addressing the specific needs of a growing number of seniors nationwide.

Why Is There a Big Demand for RN-BSN Programs?

At this point in time, it looks like the country is running out of registered nurses. As The Atlantic points out in a recent article, the U.S has been dealing with a shortage of experienced nurses for decades. Nonetheless, the aging population is constantly amplifying this issue, as the demand for professionals comprised by the largest healthcare segment keeps outpacing supply. In this context, a BSN can be seen as a major asset that could separate good candidates for a nursing job from the best ones in this line of work.

A BSN is the key to consolidating a nurse’s education, and acquiring new skills that would turn a professional into a suitable candidate for the best paid, most rewarding job opportunities in this field of activity. Instead of wasting time, money, and energy wondering whether or not they should invest in their own long-term growth, graduates should consider going from RN to BSN to fuel their own progress, and become a part of a more complex and more effective healthcare system.

What Make RN-BSN Programs So Attractive in the Eyes of Potential Candidates?

It’s no secret that RN-BSN programs are in high demand mostly due to the notable benefits they promise, including access to more attractive employment opportunities and higher income. Nonetheless, those who are thinking about following this path to take their nursing career a step up should also keep in mind that the practical nursing programs designed by the most reputable nursing schools greater Cincinnati area also lead to a higher level of job- and personal satisfaction, enabling graduates to become the best versions of themselves.

Whatever program you might be interested in, note that Beckfield offers PN, RN and RN to BSN Nursing options tailored to their attendees’ goals, schedule, educational background and expectations.

Focused on professional development (communication, leadership, critical thinking, and other essential skills that any experienced nurse takes pride in), skill-building tactics, and cultural awareness, RN-BSN programs are a fantastic option for professionals who are interested in becoming experienced educated nurses with a more impressive resume and greater accomplishments.


The Profile of the Perfect Candidate for RN-BSN Programs

The RN-BSN program created and implemented by Beckfield College provides a number of appealing advantages, including a flexible schedule, access to 100% online courses, and the chance to complete the RN to BSN program in 18 months. Potential candidates should meet a few basic demands to become eligible to apply for this program at Beckfield College.

For starters, one must keep in mind that this program is designed for people with an associate degree in nursing. Eligible candidates for the RN-BSN program should also have a current, unencumbered registered nurse licensure. In addition, Beckfield College has also set a few specific academic requirements for program admission. To find out more about requirements, please visit the page containing admission information, or get in touch with Beckfield College representatives by calling 888-902-9393.

This program gives practicing, licensed nurses with a nursing diploma or an associate’s degree the opportunity to earn a BSN degree. This achievement would allow them to pursue bolder career opportunities, acquire new skills, enjoy a higher level of professional mobility and satisfaction, and play a more meaningful part in healthcare.


Choose the CCNE Accredited Nursing Programs Offered by Beckfield College

When it comes to choosing a RN to BSN program introduced by a Beckfield College has CCNE Cincinnati area, Nursing school in Florence Kentucky, Nursing school in Springdale Ohio, potential applicants should consider opting for one that is accredited by CCNE (the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education), the reputable accrediting agency that ensures and evaluates the integrity and quality of nursing programs, leading to significant improvements in the public health sector.

The nursing programs rolled out by Beckfield College are accredited by CCNE, and constitute the key to embracing more attractive nursing career opportunities while creating a safer, more effective healthcare environment.  For consumer information please visit Consumer Information.