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How Long Does it Take to Become an LPN

Are you ready to dive into LPN school? Buckle Up, Future Superhero! Remember that deflated balloon animal feeling we talked about in the last post? What is Practical Nursing? so, Being an LPN means ditching those flimsy inflatable wings and getting yourself a shiny new jetpack (metaphorically speaking, of course). But before you blast off into the world of patient care, you might be wondering … how long does it take to become an LPN? or how long the lpn program?

Before I answer this question, let me clear this one more time…

While most of the programs for practical nursing are talking about the LPN programs…

But the “L” will be added to the “PN” to become Licensed Practical Nurse “LPN” upon necessary licensure… and I will cover this mystery on another post.

But I’m glad we cleared that up for now…

Back to the question, how long is lpn school?

Think of it as your training arc before suiting up as a healthcare hero. And like any good superhero origin story, it’s got twists, turns, and maybe even a little sweat (the good kind, hopefully!).


The Fast Track to Hero Academy

LPN programs are designed for speedy learning and action. Most of them clock in at between one and two years…

This means you could be rocking that stethoscope and dispensing wisdom (of the medical variety, not just random life advice) much sooner than you think. Compared to the four-year journey for RNs in the Bachelor of Science in nursing.

LPN school feels like a supersonic jet compared to a trusty old hot air balloon (still cool, but not exactly breaking the sound barrier).


Remember that training arc? There are different routes to LPN glory, each with its own unique timeline…


  • Diploma programs
    These typically take 12-18 months to complete and offer a focused curriculum on the essentials of practical nursing. Think of it as a boot camp for healthcare heroes.
  • Bonus
    Some even credit towards an RN degree later on, if you decide to level up your superhero skills.
  • Associate degree programs
    Taking a slightly longer route at 18-24 months, these programs offer a broader education, including general education courses alongside your nursing core.


Like any good plot twist, some factors can affect your LPN school timeline…

Factors to your LPN Timeline

Part-time vs. Full-time

Obviously, dedicating all your time means reaching graduation faster. But hey, we all have capes to juggle (figuratively, of course), so part-time options exist!


Program intensity (Before becoming LPN)

Some programs are designed for a more accelerated pace, while others prefer a slightly slower, more relaxed approach. Choose the one that fits your superhero learning style!

Life happens

Unexpected events can detour your timeline, but remember, there’s no shame in pausing and restarting your journey when you’re ready.


Beckfield College is always here for you to start your nursing education or to restart…

Check out our Practical Nursing Program!


The Reward at the End of the Rainbow (or Stethoscope)

No matter what route you choose, remember the prize at the end…

A fulfilling career as an LPN, making a tangible difference in people’s lives. And hey, that’s an epic superpower to have, wouldn’t you say?


So, buckle up, future LPNs!
Your training arc is waiting, and the world of healthcare needs your compassionate magic.

Just remember…
Even superheroes need training, and this LPN school adventure is where you’ll craft your wings and learn to fly (metaphorically speaking, again).


Ready to Take a Flight?

Check out our 15 month Practical Nursing Program!

In the next post
We’ll break down what a typical day in LPN school might look like, giving you a peek into the classroom, clinicals, and everything in between. Stay tuned, future healthcare heroes!


And don’t forget your trusty jetpack… I mean, textbooks!

how long is lpn school


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