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Begin Your BSN Degree

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The Year to Begin Your Nursing Career with a BSN

You may have felt a calling to help people through nursing and now it is time to get your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). You may feel the drive to work in a deeply respected career with expanding opportunities. Or, maybe you know how the field of nursing is evolving, changing, and most importantly, expanding. Whether you have begun your training or you are still looking for a place to start, now is the time. Registered nurses with a BSN have a secured career path because the field of nursing has a positive trajectory. With a national median pay of $37.31/hr and $77,600/yr, you may want to become a part of the growing population of nurses. It all starts with a simple 3-year program to get your BSN, take the exam, and apply to the many available positions.

But you might be wondering, why is now the time to begin your training to become a nurse? And, why should you take the BSN route?

The Nursing Shortage

The healthcare system faces nursing shortages as the need for nurses expands. Nurse shortages are not new. They occur frequently when retiring nurses outpace the entrance of new nurses, the healthcare system expands, and the demand for nurses expands.

The Field of Nursing is Expanding (outside of hospitals)

As a nurse, you can work in many different environments such as telehealth, home health, hospitals, birthing centers, and more. When we picture nurses we picture them in clinical and hospital scenery, however, the field is expanding and there are many work environments for nurses. The job outlook for nursing, meaning the expected job growth, is 9% (higher than average. Part of this expansion is the expansion of modern types of nursing like home health and telehealth nursing where it is possible to find flexible positions without firmly designated offices or hours.

Nursing is a Beloved Profession

For the last 18 years, Americans have consistently ranked nurses with the highest rates of honesty and ethics? Each year, a survey asks a sample of US adults to rank the honesty and ethics of different professions. Over and over nurses have been ranked the highest.

The COVID-19 pandemic also called so much needed attention to the value and importance of nurses across the world. More than ever the medical field is striving to improve the work conditions of nurses and protect their well-being.

If you know it is time to finally pursue your dream or you are ready to make your family and your community proud, it is time to apply to begin your training.

Why a BSN?

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year degree that you can complete at Beckfield in just 3 years! Though it is possible to become a registered nurse without a BSN, the medical field and healthcare policies have been steadily pushing laws and policies to encourage nurses to have BSNs. Having a BSN ensures job security throughout your career (even if the policies change) and gives you a hiring and salary advantage over nurses without BSNs. Many hospitals are encouraged to maintain a majority of nurses with BSNs and some states are implemeting laws such as BSN in 10, where nurses can become registered without a BSN but must still acquire it within 10 years.

What is next?

At Beckfield College, among the many types of nursing programs we offer, you can get your Bachelor’s (a 4-yr degree) of Science in Nursing in just 3 years and be prepared to take the nurse licensing exam. Your career as a nurse begins HERE! Just give us a call at 859-371-9393 or send an email to to speak to an admissions representative today.



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