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Now Is The Time to Go Back to School

"It's Never Too Late To Learn."

Now is the Time to Go Back to School 

Are you considering going back to school? Are your toes almost dipped in the water of a new career but not quite? You are hesitating. Are you worried it is too late? You aren’t sure what a career change might mean for you. But you can’t stay stuck any longer. You know your worrying is only time wasted. So, it is time to begin your educational journey.

You are not alone. The average age people make a career change is 39 years old and career changes often lead to payment increases and a greater sense of satisfaction. Many people change jobs in search of flexibility, financial incentives, and employee benefits. 

Going back to school or going for the first time since high school as an adult is a brave pursuit characteristic of dedicated, hard-working individuals.  65% of Americans are actively searching for a new full-time job right now, and a smaller number of those will show their dedication by returning to school to further their careers, increase their potential earnings, pursue their purpose, and learn.

Advance Your Career.

Going back to school can help you to climb the ladder in your current career or begin a new career with more opportunities and space for growth.

Find Purpose in Learning.

Going back to school can be a wonderful, confidence-boosting experience. Your end goal may be your new career and its benefits, but the journey is equally important. Learning opens the windows of the mind and sparks creativity, motivation, and excitement. Going back to school will enable you to find purpose in your learning journey and in your new career. 

Did you know the average person spends a bit under 100,000 hours working in their lifetime? Work can be an enjoyable and purposeful part of our lives. You can pursue a career where you find meaning and value. If you’re going to spend 100,000 hours working, spend them working with a feeling of purpose. 

Be a role model for your loved ones.

Pursuing one’s passion despite obstacles is a highly respected and admirable trait. It is also one of the longest-held values in the working world. We create opportunities for ourselves, and we work for the lives we desire. Show your loved ones what it takes to live a life you love by honoring your need or desire for a career change. Show the young people in your life what it means to work hard and overcome all obstacles.

You are worth it.

Of all the reasons to return to school to advance or start your career, this may be the most substantial one. You are worth a career with flexibility, financial stability, benefits, and a sense of purpose. You’re worth the time and energy to attain your degree, certification, or training. You are worth the investment.

Begin Your Journey at Beckfield.

It is August. The summer is winding down and the kids are back to school. There is no better time to begin your journey.  September 26 is the upcoming start date and you still have time to enroll for this semester of courses. You can enroll in many of our programs right now including medical massage therapy, medical billing & coding, BSN, and general nursing. If you aren’t sure which career is right for you, take our free career assessment now.